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"The urn of language is so fragile. It crumbles and immediately you blow into the dust of words which are the cinder itself. And if you entrust it to paper, it is all the better to inflame you with, my dear, you will eat yourself up immediately."

Jacques Derrida, Cinders (via heteroglossia)

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11 Facts Yü Should Know About the Umlaut

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Cats of Linguists (linguisticats) | Twitter



it’ll mostly just be the tumblr feed, but I know several friends-of-cats aren’t on tumblr and are on twitter, so this will give them a chance to share in the joy that is CATS (cats)

Here's how I continue to improve my languages at the advanced level:


  • Read the language everyday, even if it’s only a page in a book or the instructions for your microwave popcorn
  • Play videogames in the target language (seriously pokemon will give you vocabulary that you think is useless but later will pop up randomly)
  • Listen to…

for user @apathbetweenthestars I’ll reply properly in  sec (:

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TED-Ed explores how languages change and evolve. Pair with the animated history of the English language and the somewhat scandalous story of how Darwin revolutionized our understanding of why language exists

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Lectures: Pinker - Floating University

Linguistics as a window to understanding the human brain



in french we don’t say “i love you”, we say “vous recevez une heure supplémentaire dans la piscine à balles” which roughly translates to “you are my sun, my stars, my everything” and i think that’s beautiful




So many ‘in French we don’t say’ posts and I LOVE THEM ALL

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bad-puns-are-cool said: Kummerspeck is also the extra rolls of fat you get after eating too much comfort food ;) x

See, I love that they have a name for that, that’s so cool (: x

supercrazypurplegirl said: 11, 15

11) Favourite word in your target language?
Trying out Irish with Duolingo and I like pronouncing the word for water:
uisce [ˈɪʃcə]

German: Kummerspeck = sorrow bacon
(Comfort food) because ‘sorrow bacon’ is pure poetry.

15) Have you ever tried to listen in on conversations?
Only like, always. (-: I went down to a London for a job open day once, and sat in the park listening to all the tourists’ conversations in different languages. Wish I was in London..

Just got into the Level 2 class for BSL, and it’s really hard not to watch conversations to see if I can recognise any signs.
It is probably rude to listen in to any conversations, but perhaps if I had a super power it would be the super discreet ability to Listen In On Conversations In Other Languages.

How about you?

Thanks for taking the time to ask, have a great day for the rest of it (: